Wednesday, November 11, 2015

False Paradigms

Lately I've been noticing a lot of things in the two sciences I take that really tie in to the questions we discuss in TOK. In Chemistry we talked about how "belief" in a certain thing paradigms everything. We tend to stick to a certain set of rules we think are the definite answers to life, however everything is subjected to change. In science there are a lot of theories that were falsified, but prior to that, people that tried speaking out against it ended sounding bizarre.

I sort of related this back to the things we learned in TOK like the ways of knowing and perceptions. We should keep in the back of our minds that things are always subject to change. Though it seems hard to move past that adjustment and have a new perception, thats how the world turns and how people keep moving forward with new discoveries.

Sometimes we can't just depend on our sense perception because that would make us a naive realist. In science we have tools to aid us in seeing what the naked eye cannot. However in life, we shouldn't always take things for "face value" I suppose. In a way, we should aways think and not make rash judgements just because we SEE something thats happening and we rely on our sight. The whole idea of

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  1. A good reflection back to your science class. As important as observation is in the sciences to give us strong theories, our senses are limited as is our current knowledge of the physical world. We are constantly finding out new things that we did not know before that change those theories or maybe even decide they are not valid any more.