Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Are we the only ones in this universe?

What can we learn about what is really out there? How certain can you be that there is a world out there, that is independent of our experience?
Perhaps this can tie back to Conceptual Perception because sometimes (well I know i tend to do this) people tend to think of things that could happen even though we are uncertain. For example a dream is an abstract idea that is distinctive to each and every one of us, but it is basically a projection of what we wish to happen in our mind that has not yet occurred. But how can we be certain that this idea that we made up might or might not exist. Because maybe another reality if we work towards our dreams, they might end up coming true. So even though we have no idea if something might happen, instead of imagining it, we should work towards it. We can’t possibly know what is out there or what our potential is if we don’t start working towards it. Our experiences from this can also depend on our journey of exploration; to find the tree that fallen.

From these 2 months of TOK, it has made me question everything I have understood and perceived. From the article of “Perception is not Reality” it highlights the idea of perception is a projection of what we take in and perceive neurologically. So it kind of argues that, how can we certainly know or perceive a world out there when we have no grasp or detection of it. Which I do agree in some sense, that we would not actually know what is there because we haven’t seen it or can’t exactly predict what is going to happen.

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